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(Capinch Zine - Oct.2004)


Ok, letís start. Tell us about your european tourÖ what about the Eur peoples, foods, girls, venuesÖ? What the best gig, and what the worst?  Some particulair strange tales happened on the road?     

The people treated us with alot of respect, and were very nice. The food (especially Italy) was fantastic, the girls were...we had a little luckÖ they were very sweet. The best gigs were Stockholm, Paris, Mestre, everywhere in Switzerland, Strausborg, Madrid, San Sebastian, London, they were all good. We really didnít have a bad show because there was always food, beer, and a bed.

Do the Black Lips have hold over the girls a lot? Whoís the bandís member that pick up more girls than others?    

We dont do too well with the girls. We smell bad, and we are never in the same place for more than a day or two so most girls are afraid to give it up. its too bad, because we love them so much.

Is there any differences between touring the States and the Europe? Which the things that mostly struck you guys?          

Touring in europe is much easier. There is much more hospitality. Food, beer, sleeping places. You donít really get this in America. It can get very rough

Iíve seen you playiní the gig with the Coleís exploit in Mestre. Has there been some other place where that happened? Do those kind of events frequently happen during your shows?            

Yes that happens quite a bit. It all depends on the show. Sometimes it gets cut open so he stops for a while. Usually anything can happen.

What do you feel when you are on stage? Everythingís so out of control!     

Usually we are very drunk and excited. I dont really remember much of what happens when we play. alot of times im hurt, but dont feel it until later.

How Cole does to puke when he want? What about this fab technique?              

He doesnít mean to puke. Itís a problem he has with his stomach. He canít control it. It happens all the time even, off stage. Like if we are sitting around talking he might explode and get it all over. Its a problem we try and fix. But I guess it works okay with the stage show. Except when club owners get mad and kick us out, or beat us up.

I also have seen a video on the web - recorded in L.A. - with a generous helping of his puke and pissing. Greg Shaw was in audience there? Has he taken that shower too Ė like me?    

Greg Shaw was there, but he stayed away from the front of the stage. I donít think he would like it if Cole puked on him. I dont think anyone likes it.

Last but not least about this thing Ė Have these performances ever caused you any troubles with the audience?          

Yes. People and other bands and club owners can get really mad. We have gotten kicked out of alot of clubs. Sometimes they want to fight us when it happens. People run away and act scared. But theres nothing to be scared of, its all natural bodily functions.  I think its funny when people get mad.

Ok, talk about the music now. Too punk to be garage and too much garagey for punkrockers. But I think both like you a lot. What about the Black Lips sound and songs? Do you think you are a kinda sixties punk-oriented band or are you also influenced by other stuff?               

We are definately influenced by alot of sixties punk (Los Saicos, Swamp Rats etc.) but alot of punk music too (Germs, Red Kross). Most garage type people donít like us because they say we dont know how to play, and were too shitty. Fuck it. We like alot of psychedelic music and blues, country and gospel.

What about the Black Lips songwriting? Itís so various and very acid. Is it all the bandís work or someone write most of the stuff?         

We all write together for almost everything. Cole writes the most though. We like to drink cough syrup and write songs together.

What the differences in the bandís sound and practice/songwriting Ė and whatever -  between Ben (r.i.p.) and Jack on line-up? Is something changed?      

Well, Jack quit two days before Europe and we have a new guy named Richie. Jack wrote alot, more than Ben. Ben made us practice and tune more, Jack made us drink more. They were both great and added their own sound.

Is Richie the official new bandís guitar player? Have you already recorded some with him?

We will record our next album with him. It might be on In The Red or Crypt. we dont know yet. But he is our new guitarist.

I know you had a Dobro guitar in the van during the last tour playing some Rolling Stones numbers. How do you like them? Maybe some of their songs in the future covered by Black Lips? Which would like you to play?          

We love the Stones, but I donít think we will cover any of their songs because they do their songs better than we could. We only do covers that we think we can add something to. We had the Dobro to write new Black Lips songs, and to play Stones songs for fun.

Both of your albums are on Bomp! Records Ė one of greatest and famous RnR label of ever. Will the next full lenght go out for the same label orÖ?                

We dont know what will happen with the next record. there are a few options, and we are talking to different people, but nothing definate yet. Only time will tell.

What are your coming issues? Over the mine of courseÖ            

Other than yours we have singles on Slovenly, Screaming Apple, and Die Slaughterhaus coming out sometime in the future,  maybe Kenrock and Cass too.

The lo-fi recording is your own choice? Donít you give a fuck about recordings techniques? How many time do you spend to record a song?           

We like lo-fi  but we dont always mean for it to be that way. We never have money to record so we have to do it anyway we can. The first album was done in a few different studios, but the second was done for free in a basement on a four-track because we barely have enough money to eat. Being in a band is very expensive and you always lose lots of money. We have to steal food alot and equipment sometimes (but only from crappy bands).

Introduce your in-house label Die Slaughterhaus Records. What about its records and bands? What the next  issues?      

Die Slaughterhaus is our label, so far its mostly singles but we have alot coming out so we might go to full lengths.  We have put out the Lids (Rip Off Records) the Carbonas (also Rip Off) and we have a Tyrades single out this month, Kajun SS (featuring King Louie and ex-Persuaders) and the Frantic from Atlanta and Die Rotzz from New Orleans. We have a Spooks LP (Black Lips side project)  out around christmas, and lots more.

Spooks? What about this band and its members? Do we must consider it a band or a side-project only?

Spooks is the Black Lips and other SLAUGHTERHAUS people *(LIDS). Itís more synth type stuff. Like Screamers stuff going on, but scarier. We have a full length coming whenever we feel like it. Itís going to revolutionize the rock music industry.

Talk us about the Atlantaís scene. Is there any great band to mention? Iíve seen the Subsonics playiní here a couple of years ago and they smoke!      

Yeah Atlantaís great. Subsonics are really good, the LIDS and the Carbonas are really good. The Frantic. Itís a very good scene. We have alot of all age clubs, and alot of young people starting bands, and its really cheap to live there. New Orleans and Memphis bands come alot. Itís nice.

What gigs did you play since you started the band? What the bands which youíve played with you most like?       

I like playing with the Spits alot, and the Tyrades. We did a tour with the Tyrades where nobody came to any of the shows, it was just us at every show, but it was alot of fun. Weíve played with fear and got into a fight with Lee Ving. It was a funny show.  Playing with King Khan And The Shrines was a great fucked up experience.

When will you come back here again? It was so funny to experience a Black Lips show!       

We hope to come back very soon. We had the best time. We want to come back all the time!

Last shot. What the records you ever most like, and what are the records which are you listeniní at this time?         

Dead Moon is great.  LOS SAICOS from Peru are killer, Back From The Grave, Horror Stories by the Dwarves, Germs(GI), Red Kross-Born innocent, Moderrn Lovers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gories, Teengenerate too many to name right now: Reverend Charlie Jackson, Reverend Louie Overstreet, lots of old country music. I guess thatís it. Thanks alot motherfucker

Thank you too and bye bye motherfuckersÖ

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